Good men died in the search for a traitor. I feel my country has betrayed me.

I’m not a soldier. I don’t know the strength, both mentally and physically it takes to be a soldier. However, if you’re going to war by choice, don’t desert your fellow Americans. Desertion is cowardly. If you really don’t like the situation you’re in, and you no longer think the war is worth fighting, then finish up your time there. 


Did this guy really expect to find his own way home? He leaves his base to get out of the war, but where’d he expect to go? He’s a self professed anti-American, was likely brainwashed by his captors, and was traded for 5 dangerous terrorists.


 Now I find out good Americans were killed trying to find him. If this man has any conscience he should be ashamed of himself. 


Gitmo isn’t handled very well, but to let 5 terrorists go for 1 traitor is mind boggling to me. This breaks my heart.

Declaring War On Americans

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Obama doesn’t care about the nations reaction. He’s a dictator after all

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caruba_alan20080111 By Alan Caruba ~

AA - Swat TeamYou have to be extremely stupid to send a couple of hundred armed government agents to confiscate some bullheaded rancher’s cattle without contemplating how the rest of the nation will interpret your actions.

What was obvious to voters who rejected Barack Obama’s run for the presidency the first and second time was the fact that he lacked any record of competency to be President. The rest voted for him because they wanted to say they helped elect the first black President of the United States and because they believed what this pathological liar said then and since.

The assertion that Obama’s and Eric Holder’s actions and policies are opposed because they are black is absurd. It is an insult to everyone who voted for Obama and to the rest of us.

I love the notion that Cliven Bundy lives in Bunkerville. It reminded me of Bunker…

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Ron Paul is almost spot on.

At around 5:11, Paul explains how a terrorist was water-boarded 100 times. He says this must make the torturer a psychopath, or the torturer must’ve been a psychopath already. Well, I don’t completely disagree. But we also have to keep in mind that many CIA agents have been committing suicide lately. Maybe the torture IS taking a big toll on these men and women. 

It has been said that torture no longer takes place in the CIA, but I, like Ron Paul, am very skeptical of this. I highly doubt it, actually. 


I wanted to add that I disagree with several other points Ron made in his video, but I like what he had to say about torture. It isn’t very productive, and shouldn’t be used very often, if at all. 

Militias from all over are coming to aid Cliven Bundy and defend his ranch against the feds’ army.

How close are we to a serious conflict? I always feel as if a civil war can’t happen in the United States, not again.

The world thinks we’re weak. We haven’t stood up for ourselves as our government becomes tyrannical. The world supports Obama’s form of socialism, yet bash the United States on any foreign interference we take part in. They forget that the socialist they love is the warmonger they hate.

It is accepted by many that a few things could start a civil war here.

1) The government attempting to take our guns.
2) The government suspending the writ of habeas corpus
3) Martial Law

The United States has been the strongest power on earth for quite some time now, yet we’re a laughing stock. Less powerful nations give orders to our president and he follows them. We are threatened, and our president apologizes. Our officials make us look weak.

However, whenever the people of the United States have gotten angry in the past, the world has changed.

Is it time for the world to change again?

Militias hardly ever do anything in this country. They exist here more than in any other country, or at least their presence is much more known, but they hardly ever go head to head with the feds.

Now Militias from all over are coming to defend the Cliven Bundy ranch. If a shot is fired by either side, it WILL be a war-zone. Reminiscent of the “shot heard round the world” during the American revolution, where the first battle between the Brits and the Americans took place.

I support the militias 100%, but I don’t know how good it will be if there’s a battle in Nevada between the people and the feds. Two armies clashing, both American, both on American soil. That’s the start of a civil war.

It doesn’t matter what the cause is, all that matters is whether or not it happens, and who wins.

The cause of this isn’t as stupid as many people have made it out to be.

Cliven Bundy isn’t bending to the will of our authoritarian government. He refuses to let them take his land. He has the right to own property in this country, we ARE NOT a communist nation, and the government CAN NOT do as they please. They work for us. They are our employees. And we can fire them when we please.

Even if that means we have to fire at them.

Eric Holder wants to explore smart bracelets for gun owners

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I’d recommend you read this man’s post. Very scary what Holder wants to do. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but with Feinstein trying to create a kill switch for cellphones in California, I don’t find it unlikely that Holder and his goons will try to create a kill switch for guns if this technology is released and his “common sense” push goes through. Keep your guns safe and stock up on ammo. These are dangerous times.

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 Eric Holder has a new idea which he calls a “common sense” gun control measure. This idea includes a “smart bracelet” which a gun owner would have to wear in order to fire his or her weapon. He bills this as a way to ensure only the lawful owner of a firearm could fire that weapon but it goes much deeper than that in my opinion.

  Here is what he said in support of this idea:

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