The Power of the Word “No” and Why Voluntaryism is the Future of Freedom

Just take a moment to think about what situations you might find yourself in when you say “no”. Why did you say that word? It’s just a syllable, only two letters, but it means so much.

Situation #1) A mother asks her son: “Did you lock the door behind you when you left for school today?” 
The son replies with a simple: “No.”

Now the mother and the son both know that after he left for school, he did not lock the door behind him.

Situation #2) A beggar asks a man: “Can I have 20 dollars?”
The man responds with a “no”. 

Now the beggar knows that he will not be receiving money from the man.

Situation #3) A mad man asks his victim: “can I kill you?”
The victim replies: “no”. 

Sometimes when we say “no”, we simply put other people on the same page as us, like in the first example. The mother and son now know that the door was not locked after the son left for school. 
However, sometimes when we say no, we open or close the gate for another person to do something. The word “no” is our last line of defense before we need to physically defend our interests.

In the second situation, the beggar doesn’t care that the man said no, and he tries to mug him. In the last situation, the mad man doesn’t care that his victim said no, and he tries to murder him.

As soon as the meaning of your “No” is lost, you have to fight for your freedom by force. 

There are people like in situation #2 who exist in this world, but they don’t ask for money, they take it. They are also protected by the government. The men and women with the money are the victims, and their “no” means nothing. In fact, if they use their second line of defense (force) their freedom is stripped from them almost entirely, as they are sent to prison. And finally, if they say “no” one last time, because they refuse to go to prison, and they pick up a gun, or a knife, or a baseball bat, and fight off the police, all of their freedom is stripped from them, because they will be killed. They will indirectly be mugged by the government. 

Simple as that folks. 

Here’s your average leftist argument: “But what about the poor? Who will give them their money if the rich and middle class don’t give it to them? The rich don’t even deserve their money, they’ve got enough, and there are poor people who are incapable of working!”

I like to think that I can’t tell people what they deserve beyond the point of paying them a salary. If somebody else is making billions of dollars a year for a silly job, I may not THINK they deserve that money, but it isn’t my place to do something about that. It isn’t my place to take that money from them and Robin Hood it to somebody else. The poor have it hard, that’s true. The poor aren’t bad people. They’re in an awful situation. But there is always a way to break free from poverty in America. You can’t starve here. There are soup kitchens. There are homes for people who are crippled and mentally impaired. And those who are lazy have no excuse. The rich don’t owe the lazy a dime. 

The freedom to do what you want is a strange concept to many people these days. Doing what you want IS what freedom means. But many just shrug that off as anarchy. 

I’ll have something up about anarcho-capitalism and objectivism within the next few days. 

Stay patriotic my friends, God Bless America

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